Who we are


We’re Akspert Ventures – a leading provider of outsourced customer support, digital marketing and technology consulting services. More than a decade of experience, deep domain knowledge, and multi-industry exposure, make us one of the top outsourcing companies. Our culture is about providing a foundation to achieve our purpose to help businesses succeed. The following paragraphs detail the core values and principles of our company’s culture and how it affects our every decision and action.


We know that the world is constantly changing and we act deliberately and urgently, like every day brings something new. We value constant innovation and incline to action in order to get important things done effectively. We go the extra mile to achieve long-term success for our clients. Perfection in servicing and to achieve the best results possible is our way to go.


The pursuit of perfection and quality makes us get better every day. We embrace the growth mindset and focus on making our servicing better and effective. Our performance and capability of finding the most suitable and advanced solutions for our customers, distinguish us from others. We value coach-ability, passion, commitment and an intrinsic drive to improve.


Why you should join us

It's time, change your BUSINESS APPROACH

Aligning your company goals with your expectations of outsourcing outcomes will help you choose the right outsourcing partners, faster your growth and scalability


Top-notch Communication

We strive to eliminate communication problems to strengthen your interactions with your customers because good businesses stem from good communication.

Industry Experience

Multi-Industry exposure is our forte. We offer personalized service plans and implementations to suit businesses of all size, industry & budget.

Cost-Effective Solution

We guarantee significant cost-effective solutions right from the start. Our process professionals deliver a measurable return-on-investment.

We accelerate growth

Our best-in-business team is our greatest asset that accelerates growth for our clients – breaking barriers and achieving new heights of operational success. 


We create an integrated working environment where constant learning and adopting new methodologies is part of your job description. With help helping businesses across multiple industries, our team offers advanced capabilities and diversified experience in customer support, teleservices, marketing, technology, and sales. We help each other succeed by having a collaborative discussion and encouraging unorthodox opinion to grow clients’ business and for our collective good.


We provide world-class training and leadership development exercise to our employees at every stage of their careers. Our employees are encouraged to attend internal workshops, clubs, and other learning opportunities to accelerate growth. We support our employees’ development and seek their best performance in return. We think they are our greatest investment and assets. It’s no brainer that teamwork is the cornerstone of our success.


We’re committed to sustainability and growth throughout our organization. Our success doesn’t just depend on inter-company company efforts, but we also look outside to get inspired. Either it’s our partners or customers, we keep looking for traits and methodologies to adapt. A transparent and honest dialogue with our employees, stakeholders and the third parties helps us to implement and continuously improve our approach.